Slate roofing is popular because of its appearance and fire resistant qualities. This material is extremely durable and often looks beautiful even 100 years after insulation. However, installing slate roofing is an investment, costing substantially more than other materials. But the qualities of this material make the investment worthwhile. Here’s a quick guide to slate roofing.

Most wood roofs last between 12 and 30 years. Slate roofing has a very long lifespan, lasting 100 years or more. This is even longer than other extremely durable materials, like steel.

Fire Safety
Slate roofing is known for its fire resistant qualities. It’s also excellent for extreme weather conditions like hail and snow.

Cost of Slate Roofing

Purchasing slate roofing is an investment. Installing a brand-new slate roof can cost up to $900 per square. The least expensive type of roofing you can purchase is asphalt roofing, which costs about $60 per square. However, slate roofing is more durable and will last more than three times longer than asphalt shingles.

Slate Roof Repairs
When installed correctly, slate roofing typically needs minimal repairs. However, sometimes the nails that fasten the shingles are attached too tightly. This can pinch the slate and eventually result in cracking.

If you live in areas where the temperatures vary greatly, you might also need to watch closely for cracking. A change in humidity levels can cause stress to the slate. Identifying and fixing these areas will ensure maximum lifespan for your slate roof.

Evaluate your Current Roof
Before deciding to install slate roofing, you’ll need to take a look at your current roof. If your roof has several different levels, slate roofing can be very difficult to install. In these situations, it’s best to use a roofer who has experience with slate roofing on difficult surfaces.

You’ll also want to have your roof examined and replace any areas that are damaged or weak. This will ensure the foundation for your slate roofing is strong.

Waterproof your Roof
If you’re installing a slate roof by yourself, make sure to lay waterproof material on the existing roof before starting the project. Professionals often use felt paper, which prevents moisture and humidity from getting trapped between the slates and the existing roof.

Other Options
Many homeowners like the appearance of slate, but they can’t justify the cost. In these situations, consider laying a faux slate product. These roofing materials have the look of slate but are made of less expensive materials.