Friday, February 22, 2019
Your DecaturYour Decatur Roofing Contractor We can repair, replace or even clean your roof – No matter how old or difficult your roofing project is!

Our Decatur roofing technicians specialize in all types of roofing, including roof repairs, roof replacements, roof inspections and even roof cleaning.

Cannon Roofing’s Rescue Roofer of Decatur, Texas was founded on one basic principle: “Focus on helping homeowners solve their roofing problems,” – we understand that proper workmanship requires the use of skilled roofing technicians.

We currently service Wise County and the greater Texas Area.

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Roof costs are a significant concern for all homeowners, if not the most important consideration when it’s time to replace a roof. There are two distinct ways to analyze whether a roof is affordable or not. One deals only in current dollars, while the second method looks at how...
A living roof is not a new concept. Living roofs have been used for centuries in home construction but an increased interest in environmentally responsible architecture over the last couple of decades has led to a rise in the demand for living roofs on both residential and commercial buildings....
Most homeowners will only have to replace a roof once or twice during their lives, and usually not more than once on the same house. When you combine that with how much is riding on your roof and how expensive a roof is, you see just how important it...
Many people wonder what they should be doing for roof maintenance and what does it cost over time? It is important to take care of your roof: after all, it is what protects your home from extreme weather conditions and from pests. A leak in a roof can cause...
Slate roofing is popular because of its appearance and fire resistant qualities. This material is extremely durable and often looks beautiful even 100 years after insulation. However, installing slate roofing is an investment, costing substantially more than other materials. But the qualities of this material make the investment worthwhile....
Aluminum is a low maintenance, lightweight and durable metal often used for residential roof projects. Aluminum can be used for home’s roof without adding additional structural supports, and it is also very fire and insect resistant. This metal also does not become brittle at cold temperatures. For homes near the...