Aluminum is a low maintenance, lightweight and durable metal often used for residential roof projects. Aluminum can be used for home’s roof without adding additional structural supports, and it is also very fire and insect resistant. This metal also does not become brittle at cold temperatures.

For homes near the coast, aluminum roof products are a good choice, because they resist rust and corrosion, especially from salt water. Many aluminum roof shingles or standing seam roofing have warranties that last 30 to 50 years.

A Green Roofing Option

Aluminum is also considered a cool roofing material, since it reflects some of the sun’s heat and light. However, an aluminum roof with granular coating and reflective paint is more energy efficient than unpainted aluminum. Some manufacturers also offer anodizing for a more solid coating.

Homeowners who live in warmer climates can save them money on A/C bills and reduce energy usage by opting for an aluminum roof. Homeowners should also see if they are eligible for any government rebates or tax credits for purchasing an Energy Star or “Cool Roof” product.

Some roofing manufacturers use recycled materials when making aluminum roof products. A new aluminum roof can also be put over an existing asphalt roof, saving tear down cost and waste. Also, if an aluminum roof ever needs to be removed, then the aluminum can be easily recycled, instead of going to a landfill.

Aluminum Shingles

Interlocking aluminum shingles come in panels shaped like rectangles. These shingles connect together on four sides to form a strong barrier against rain and other inclement weather conditions.

Many new aluminum shingle styles mimic the beauty of tile and architectural shingles. Some manufacturers offer custom color matching, along with standard shingle colors. Since aluminum is highly malleable, it’s easy for roofing manufacturers to create new designs with more realistic and elaborate details. Aluminum shingles can have different finishes, including textures and patterns that mimic cedar shakes and look less glossy.
Standing Seam Aluminum Roof

A standing seam roof is made of aluminum panels that fastened or clipped underneath. These panels are then placed vertically on roof deck. The vertical seams are then sealed to prevent water or snow from leaking in. Panels can be made on site, but many roofers also install factory-made aluminum roof panels. All flashings should be made to keep water on top of the metal, although sealants and underlayments should be used as a backup. Proper ventilation is also paramount for keeping the roof dry.