When it comes to nouveau, yet earth-friendly roof materials, solar shingles are at the top of the list. Solar shingles are photovoltaic cells that look like asphalt shingles, yet unlike asphalt shingles, solar shingles convert light into electricity and/or heat. Making them a most innovative technology in the energy saving market. While in appearance, they look no different than regular shingles, however it is within their shape the photovoltaic cells are placed that can better harness solar power.

What are Solar Shingles?

Made from silicon materials, solar shingles are exceedingly powerful. As compared to the predecessors (solar panels), solar shingles are much more efficient and durable. They can absorb much more light and have proved tough enough to sustain the toughest weather, just like any other roofing material.

Solar shingles are usually attached to plywood and held together a heat-activated glue. As a result, they do not shift around or move in tumultuous weather, such as high winds or rain storms. The interesting thing about solar shingles is that they have a 20 year lifespan. They blend well with other roof materials such as slate, metal, fiber-cement, and asphalt. To the naked eye, they are indistinguishable from regular roofing shingles. Which is a very good thing, considering the solar panels of years past stood out completely. For one thing, these old style panels were large and gaudy; for another, they had to be strategically placed on racks that were affixed to the rooftop of a home.

When there is an entire roof full of solar shingles, then it is highly likely that an entire house can be provided with enough electrical power to appease its owners. The theory behind solar power is that the more sun there is, the more solar energy your home will receive. The only issue is that the solar power does not completely eradicate the power company that bills come from. It does, however, drastically diminish the total amount of electricity that a house would normally use from a utility company. The solar power will work in conjunction with the utility company’s power. So in essence, you may notice that your electric meter would begin to spin backwards therefore indicating a significant drop in the electricity that your home used courtesy of the utility company.

This can all be attributed to the solar shingles. If you are interested in getting solar shingles installed, then you should contact a builder that offers such shingles or ask about the process of having solar shingles installed.